Massage Envy - West Palm Beach

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Emily Naval
Feb 7, 2016

I just had my first visit to Massage Envy. What a wonderful experience! The receptionist, whose name I neglected to obtain, was very efficient, pleasant, and knowledgeable. I had almost zero wait time before I was called back for my facial. My aesthetician, Christina, was awesome. She explained everything that she was going to do beforehand and continued to check on my comfort level throughout the facial. I was so pleased with this first visit that I purchased a membership and will be going back monthly.

Melanie vilk
Dec 9, 2015

I choose to go to this business the day of the end of my trip as my vacation was not a pleasurable experience. I went in looking to relax and not have to worry about anything other then the pleasurable feeling of my massage. However, my massage professional talked to me the whole time and kept starring at my exposed naked body discreetly. However, the worse part of this experience was that from the minute I walked through the doors, I was bombarded with pressure to sign up for a membership. So eventually I gave in and signed up for a membership. I went to present my debit card for payment and they swiped it however when I found out I could use my HSA card I politely asked them to remove my debit card information from their systems and use my HSA card instead. So I assumed they would honor my request. A few months later when they went to charge my HSA card for my dues, they were unable to charge it as I no longer had health insurance. So because they were unsuccessful with charging my HSA card, they went ahead and charged my debit card fraudulently. When I immediately noticed this charge in my account I contact the parlor. The manager was completely rude and refused to refund my money and my membership unless I gave her a new card for payment. She then hung up on me. What a living nightmare!! I was ripped off and stolen from by a company that I never would have thought would have had the audacity to do this.

Adela Bieger
Apr 19, 2016

I made appointment twice with a female therapist. The first time they didn't even bother to call me to let me know they switched it and gave me a MALE therapist. They made me come and told me at the location - they totally wasted my time! The second time they called me to let me know that they have only male therapist. And the "manager" offered me a male therapist as a compensation for my inconvenience lol this place is a JOKE.

yessenia epps
Sep 9, 2015

This place sucks. Do not waste your hard earned money We have 8 massages we paid for that we saved up and when we canceld it They said we lost all massages unless we paid again wow really ... What a scam. I dont know about u . But I work very very hard for my money So its a disappointment when I find this out. Bunch of scamers

Kris Quinonez
Aug 28, 2012

I love this location. Alex is the best therapist they have if you want a man with strength and big hands to relax your whole body. I prefer this location to the WESTON, FL location that is HORRIBLE! I recommend this location to anyone. They are great! Front desk is alwasy friendly. I love it