Gasparilla Inn Beach Club

5 Reviews

Amy Hastings
May 9, 2016

Wonderful property and accommodation. We had a suite for 4 people and it was great. The Beach Club is awesome and the view unbeatable. The club is pretty pricy though.

Corrine Canace
Apr 2, 2016

The setting, grounds and overall ambience may be beautiful but the staff is rude and incompetent. Made a 2 night reservation at the cottage because we had dogs. We were told by the inn booking agent , Yvonne, that we should call in the morning of arrival because our room may be ready early (we requested early check in). When I called in during the morning of arrival (and again was connected with Yvonne), she would not give me an approximate check in time, would not tell me if our room was ready and actually started yelling at me. I had to speak to her manager to get a competent answer to my question. Likewise, I had requested an option to play golf on the day before check in because the weekend was to be a wash out...they still had my funds as cancellation would have had to be made 14 days prior, so they were not risking my playing without paying. I received no cooperation there either, and golf was one of our primary reasons for staying at the inn. I doubt that I would ever book this inn again and would suggest my friends/family find alternate accommodations. The inn is very unfriendly, uncooperative, and does not value it's visitors. No amount of ambiance can make up for that in my opinion.

Robyn Venable
May 1, 2016

Staff was amazingly accommodating! Loved the hotel. Grounds were amazing, golf course was outstanding from the tee box to the greens!The resort pool and ocean chair set up was perfect! Lots of shaded areas and short walk was enjoyable. The pool staff was so friendly and helpful! Taking a 7 month old was so easy here bc the staff was so helpful and kind. Would definitely recommend this resort hotel! Would give it five plus stars!!

Alan Peck
Oct 25, 2016

Historic in offering facilities, food and service to the highest standards.

Ryan Hill
Sep 7, 2016

Everything looks good, they are doing renovations and it look very well maintained.