ReJuvination Mind Body & Spirit Day Spa

5 Reviews

Mary Jane Hoban
Sep 11, 2016

Absolutely love ReJuvination Day Spa! I have been going to Julie for more than four years now & would not use any other massage therapist! As you walk in the door, you leave the rest of the world outside. The Spa is very Clean, Calming & Relaxing! If you are looking for a great massage therapist & need to relax, call ReJuvination Mind Body & Spirit Day Spa, ask for Julie. You will be happy that you did! Thank you Julie!

Debbie Hyland
May 10, 2016

From the moment you walk in until the time you (reluctantly) leave, you will experience serenity, relaxation and healing. The beautiful, peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, along with the gentle spirit (and hands) of your therapist will be a gift that you will want to give yourself over and over. Call and make an appointment. You will be blessed. ?? you Julie!

Rachel Gresham
Jun 16, 2016

Absolutely loved Julie. She was wonderful and really took my concerns and comfort to heart. She was welcoming and pleasant and the hot stone treatment is to die for. I felt totally relaxed after the treatment and would recommend her to anyone~ Seriously wish I could go to her weekly

Earl Lang
Apr 20, 2016

Mind Body and Spirit. Most massage therapists offer physical help for the body, but "Rejuvenation- Mind, Body and Spirit" is different, You are offered help for the Mind and Spirit as well. Ask about the connection that the mind and spirit have to a healthy body. The mind is most powerful and ignoring it in the healing process is a failure to tap into an immense power for health and healing. The staff at Rejuvenation can help you tap into these two additional and powerful facilities. Facilities we all have but seldom use. You will come away feeling better in all Three Aspects of your Health. I know because I have been rejuvenated on a monthly basis for nearly 2 years now,

Debra Johnson
Mar 21, 2016

I visited ReJuvination Spa for the first time last week. My sense of relaxation was enhanced from the minute I stepped through the door. Meeting Julie was a pleasure; she established an instant and natural connection - and then proceeded to give me a great massage. The hot stones and towels were delightful and helped me melt into her comfy table. Having searched for a massage therapist for the last several months, I can now stop searching. If you are looking for a talented massage therapist in a calming environment, check out ReJuvination!