Robert T Sherlock DOM, Acupuncture of Ocala

4 Reviews

Christy Moore
Aug 26, 2016

Dr. Bob has been a great help to my over all well being. I have never had acupuncture before. I started in June and it has helped my whole body tremendously. Dr. Bob has also helped me get my eating habits more structured and because of this, I have lost a considerable amount of weight. I recommend Dr. Sherlock to anyone and everyone!!!

Chris Glenn
Jun 17, 2016

I went for a visit for a research paper I was doing for school on holistic health, and besides the evidence based research proving acupuncture works, I was able to find out first hand, within a few minutes of treatment the amazing benefits of this ancient practice. Dr. Sherlock did acupuncture to increase my strength in an area I just had surgery on, it increased the strength so much I left calling multiple people I knew with sports injuries to tell them acupuncture is the real deal and to make an appointment. If your debating it, give it a chance, I am forever grateful I did.

A Google User
Nov 14, 2010

If you are looking for a great acupuncturist or massage-go see Dr. Bob Sherlock. His treatments are amazing and really help reduce pain and stress. Go here!

Margo Seale
Sep 22, 2016