Massage Envy - South Tampa

5 Reviews

Claire Stoney
Jul 27, 2016

As a therapist at this location I can say that we truly care about our clients. I customize my massage to meet the specific needs of whoever is on my table. Customer service and satisfaction is always our number one priority. Hope to see you all soon! :)

Anita Williams
Sep 14, 2016

Juan is an excellent message therapist. My first was just ok. I was very sore for a few days after. My next visit was with Juan. He did an amazing job of working the knots out of my shoulders and I was not sore after. I have my next appointment this week. Been looking forward to going back.

Jonathan Tennis
Jul 13, 2016

It's tough to find a good massage therapist that knows what they're doing. This place has got a few of varying strengths - relaxation, deep tissue, etc. Never disappointed with the service here.

Carol Conner
Apr 14, 2016

I just returned from Massage Envy where they cancelled my bi-weekly massage without notice. They claimed that they left me a voice mail last night, but I showed them my phone and proved that there was no message. I requested a one-hour credit since that is what they would charge me if I missed an appointment. They said they would only give me a 30 minute upgrade. When I complained that didn't seem equitable, the manager said "we don't have to give you anything" and "we have a note in your file which proves that we called you".

Jordan Merrifield
Sep 15, 2016

I love massage envy but this one is my favorite.