Massage Envy - Citrus Park

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Elena Abad
Dec 16, 2015

I never write negative reviews about a company but I could not let this experience slide. I prepaid for a massage and due to a car accident was unable to use it. I called the location to transfer it to a family member since that was previously mentioned to me and according to the rudest manager in the history of managers Karen Stellar prepaid services expire after 30 days and that is that. Adding insult to injury I kept mentioning that I had an account with my husband as well because she kept arguing about dates as well and never thought to look him up. She was so rude that she slammed the phone on me after I mentioned I was going to write a bad review. Don't waste your money in this crappy location with crappy service

Vincent Greco
Mar 22, 2015

Do not go if paying in cash. Poor poor poor customer service at the front desk and over the phone. I called to make a appointment and purchase a gift card. When i was told to hold a appointment i would need to give my credit card info. I said i would prefer to pay cash. Service person said their was nothing they could do. I then went to massage envy to purchase my gift card and make the appointment. Was told they need credit card to hold the appointment. I said no thank you i will pay for the appointment with cash. Customer service person still insisted i must still provide cred card info even if i were to pay cash. I explained i will pay you now for the appointment in cash. Still said they could not hold appointment even if i paid in advance. With this i took my business elsewhere. Massage envy is the first store i have every been to that will not to except cash. Please can someone explain to me how a store can make a profit if they only except one form of payment. You will not last in any location operating a business this way.

Aimee Charbeneau
Mar 4, 2016

Nice to know that even though people, including a vet tech, came in to tell you that one of your clients left a dog trapped in a locked car in the blazing sun, you couldn't be bothered to interrupt her damned massage for her to get the poor little dog out until the police MADE you do it. I'll never get a massage there and I'll make sure everyone knows about, for what is worth.

Dec 27, 2014

Very very very bad customer service. They can't seem to get anything right, including finding gift massages and appointments in their system. The citrus park location especially needs to train their employees on basic customer service practices - such as listening to their customers before speaking and NOT talk over them. Spoke to a Sean/Shaun and he sucks. I will never get e membership with massage envy.

Ed Braun
Jul 23, 2015

I have always had great customer service from the attendants at this location.