Trump National Doral Miami

5 Reviews

Marta vicentini
Oct 25, 2016

Super nice and excellent service. People are courteous and happy. I was checking it to recommend it to Italian friends arriving soon. Proud to show off Trumps successes!

Richard Haubrich
Sep 23, 2016

I stayed at the Arnold Palmer villa for several days. We had several meals catered by the staff. Each was outstanding. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The room was well appointed and the bed was one of the most comfortable I've slept in at a hotel or a resort.

art lasanta
Aug 13, 2016

The grounds are lovely the golf course awesome the staff very attentive. Love the food just can recommend the food enough it's just better than I expected. A fube example of Donald touch on his clubs and properties just everything the top top top best

federico rincon
Oct 1, 2016

All white marble, and gold fittings, but still managed to look kitchy, and cheap, which was not wholy unexpected from a trump propperty

Pedro Manzini
Sep 11, 2016

The best of Trump so far !! Fast Service , tasty food ,courteous staff, convenient location, beautiful golf course, awesome valet parking and a clean and elegant building with a lot of golf history!! I felt great and treat it like a millionaire!! Can't complain, if trump run this country like he runs this place, then we are in good hands!!