Massage Envy - South Beach

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Al Wu
Oct 1, 2016

I've been to many different spas, hotels, private massage therapists around the world. I always ask for the therapist known for best deep tissue/sports massage. Someone who can last 2 hours. I started going to the South Beach Massage Envy about 3 years ago and have tried several but hit gold when I met Jose. He's exactly what anyone would want from a therapist. He's extremely professional, can manage firm deep tissue pressure for 2 hours -easily! He listens to what my needs are specifically each session and adjusts accordingly. He doesn't speak unless the client wishes to talk and most importantly, his massages are always consistent (huge plus). You never have walk in wondering if you'll get a top notch massage or ever leave dissatisfied. Jose is hands down the best I've ever had.

David Osborne
Sep 26, 2016

I was 100% dissatisfied with the misleading price of service first of all. Between the website and the representative on the phone stating the price was $55 for an hour session each for me and my wife. Once it was time to checkout I'm told that the price is only if you become a member. Really?!?! Second they tried to give me a male masseuse. Why not ask my preference to begin with? Sorry I don't get down like that. So they sent a female in who clearly didn't know what she was doing. My 7 year old daughter walking on my back was way more satisfying then what I was given by a so call professional. Message Envy of Miami Beach FL was a total waste of time and money. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Sheila Duffy-Lehrman
Oct 7, 2016

This is the spot. It is FANTASTIC. I have never had anything less than a superior experience both with massages and facials. I even book them back to back and it was mind blowing, relaxing, and therapeutic. When I was there last time, they were offering - if you book a second appointment within 48 hours and bring a friend, the friend gets a massage for free and you get an extra 1/2 hour credit. They work hard and couldn't be a nicer place. Forget the stuffy overpriced spas around town - unless you want more than ice water following your treatment!

Shanell Dimitrov
Aug 29, 2016

I treated my husband to a massage while on vacation to South Beach. Long story short, His week old Versace sunglasses were stolen. The owner offered us to come back for a free massage, but how could we return to an untrustworthy place. Should have given us a gift card to another location @ the very least.

Ms. K
Mar 16, 2016

Technician started massage late and still ended it an hour after the appointment was supposed to start so i was deprived of a solid 10 mins. I told the therapist my lower legs and feet were hurting as well as my back. She spent a solid 35 mins on my back another 10 on my butt and thighs and less than 5 mins on my lower legs and feet combined which was the main reason i was there. i dont have gross feet or anything so i cannot imagine why the technician blatantly ignored my request. it almost felt like a joke when she said she was done as i was thinking I get a better foot and calf rub with my pedicure at the nail salon! The therapist also kept scolding me about getting "tense" when she was rubbing hard on my sore spots i kept telling her i wasnt trying to, that it was a natural reaction but she was clearly annoyed and kept huffing and puffing and complaining which defeated the purpose of me trying to relax. Overall I would not recommend this particular technician (i forget her name but she had a short boyish haircut) however I cannot speak on the rest of the therapist there. I have had a hard time finding a good massage therapist on the beach other than at the spa at the Setai hotel which is very costly. There are many reviews similar to mine on yelp so I am thinking many of the positive reviews on google were written by employees.