Staten Island Mall

5 Reviews

Ali Saleh
Sep 5, 2016

Good huge mall. Not too many people inside. Always doing mantainance and renewal to make this a better mall. Lots of big and popular stores and even more are opening and getting renewed. These include Macy's, the Lego store, and more! Plus they have a Verizon store, a T-Mobile store and a fios office. Even gives you unadvertised discounts on fios.

Rob Weber
Oct 29, 2016

It's a nice mall. Higher end stores have been trickling in over the last few years. Plans to expand the building with a new wing and movie theater to keep up with NJ malls is great. It's a nice central place for islanders to shop.

Matthew Zayas
Aug 21, 2016

Staten Island mall has some pretty good stores. If you're visiting Staten Island, the mall and the surrounding area is definitely worth a visit. Pretty good stores. A lot of sneaker and shoe stores! Armani, Express, Guess if you like to shop at higher end retailers. The three major department stores in the tristate (sears, jcpenny, macy's). Not the best food court, but still a lot of fun walking around the mall. Often features local businesses.

Hephzibah Premkumar
Aug 17, 2016

I really enjoy the atmosphere of this mall. Spacious and clean. Bathrooms are clean. I love the food court. It was a fun experience coming to this mall.

Jonathen Guzman
Oct 31, 2016

Glamorous indeed, accesible indeed so many routes pass here even a select bus service route is here, however the prices are outrageously high really really bland and average of a mall