Forest Promenade Shopping Center

5 Reviews

Frances Rose
Oct 15, 2016

This supermarket staff are very helpful and friendly especially with elderly and disabled customers. Although the store has limited space, they provide some seating inside and outside. The online shopping is great to use. The store shoppers and home delivery people are great. They are truly friendly to their disabled and/or elderly customers. I wish the same would hold true for their pharmacy staff and pharmacists. Much improvement is required here.

kharl joseph
Aug 10, 2016

Glad to see they are renovating it. It's close and convenient.

Thomas Reen
Aug 22, 2016

Everything you need from food to clothes. Access to bus. Near UPS store.

Qasim Zia
Oct 23, 2016

Nice small shopping center.

ESS Nimeneh
Aug 13, 2016

Wonderful people