San Francisco Zoo

5 Reviews

Paul Malarik
Oct 27, 2016

A fairly mediocre Zoo, but better than nothing. Animals look rather sad. Limited fun things for swings. Food is the usual fast food junk. Older kids & adults will get board. Younger kids will be a hassle to get to walk around. Better to head south to the Aquarium.

Wendy O'Hern
Oct 25, 2016

Beautiful zoo with plenty of animals on display in well kept enclosures.the whole zoo in set in a beautiful large area with tons of trees pathways. The best part for our family since we have a lot small children is the massive play area with swings, and other playground fixtures. Easily 4 to 5 times larger than a public park.

Nicolo T.
Jul 18, 2016

An overall good zoo. Plenty of animals to view, though some exhibits and attractions may be closed, leaving some sparse areas (but it all depends on when you visit). The food options within the zoo are okay and the general upkeep is okay. One of the bigger highlights here is the African area. The closest thing you'll get to being on an actual African savannah, but in San Francisco. When the zoo is closing, check out the giraffe house for a nice up-close view of the giraffes, and a good Q&A session with the zoo keepers. Do check out all the other events throughout the day with the keepers to learn more about the animals and see them be fed. The penguin feeding is a popular one and happens twice a day. SF residents get discounted entry every day, and select days throughout the year, there are free days (as long as you have proof of residency). There's some things I wish were a bit better, but it's still overall a good zoo worth visiting to see and learn about wildlife.

J Snider
Aug 4, 2016

Go for the Africa, lemur, and grizzly bear exhibits. These three are amazing. The rest of the zoo is good and it's well laid out. Ample places for kids to play and have fun. Their playground is really impressive, we always had to end their with my daughter. Downside is parking, it is awful there and expensive, even if you are a member.

Lloyd Kahn
Jul 4, 2016

This place is like a hidden gem in an oasis of greens. Griffith Park has a ton of trails, and one of them is right by the old Zoo. My roommates and I went here earlier today and discovered just what we were looking for: Empty cages, abandoned habitats, and empty nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered! you can take the stairs down to the lower level and walk from cage to cage! You'll also be able to see what it'd be like if you were an animal. Pretty good if you're in an exploring kind of mood.