Seneca Park Zoo

5 Reviews

Tim MacFarlane
Sep 28, 2016

This place was great! Small zoo as far as walking but big as far as what you get to see. Great up close views of all the animals. I was really impressed. Would go again for sure!!

Steve Pfeifer
Oct 12, 2016

Great little zoo, nicely laid out with lots of shade until you get to the African savanna section. All the animals appeared well cared for and the polar bear and sea lions were fun to watch.

Chad Pickett
Jul 6, 2016

I've lived here my whole life and I don't think I've ever been there and seen most of the animals out at one time. Today I went and all I was able to see were maybe 6 or 7 animals out of however many they have to see. It's honestly not worth the money, between the tickets and the stuff to eat for my son and the water I was out 60 buck by the end of the day for my two year old to look at a tiger, a monkey, an elephant and a hyena. It's cool that he saw them, but definitely not worth that much money. For the same level of fun if not more you can take the kids to the petting zoo for a dollar in Spencerport.

Scott Burgeson
Oct 19, 2016

Great place to bring the kids. Events are fun and price for membership is reasonable. Fix the monkey house please, this isn't the 1960s anymore, would you keep your 5 yo in a cage with cement floors? I feel so bad for the orangutans. It's really sad.

Jacob Washburn
Mar 18, 2016

I love the zoo and think it is great,I love the way the animals come out and interact with people, the shows are funny and i love seeing other kids such as me come out and play with such excitement. The only thing is the sea otters do not come out as often but the owners can't do anything to help with that. If you have kids this is a great place to take you friends and family. I would love to have the owner comment on this to show that you really care about your customers. THANK YOU very much and please comment on the post to the owners.