The Buffalo Zoo

5 Reviews

Kayleigh A
Oct 24, 2016

My family and I were on our way back home to CT, after my sister's wedding and wanted to do something fun. We loved the polar bear, the elephants, the gorillas, monkeys, and the giraffes. The park is large and there are plenty of bathrooms, which is nice. It was a good decision. We had fun.

Tracy Santana
Oct 21, 2016

Always enjoy the zoo. Place for a good time. You will always have memories. Variety of animals. Fun.

Jeremey Jamieson
Jul 2, 2016

Nice time at a small zoo. Great for kids. There is a decent variety of animals to see and the newly remodeled area is really nice. Not really a day trip due to the size but a great way to spend a few hours. Some of the interior exhibits are fairly dark but the enclosures are well lit. They have a pay lot but there is plenty of on street parking in the stress area.

Samuel Pugh
Jun 29, 2016

Like others have mentioned, definitely not a huge zoo. That said, I was generally satisfied with what they had. The layout was nice, and the exhibits were interactive. Certainly some could have been better, but for this price it's kind of what you expect. It seemed that about a quarter of the enclosures were "temporarily closed" when I went.

Bill Mimikos
Jun 7, 2016

Okay, so right off the bat, this is not a big zoo like the ones I've spent time at with my kids in Detroit and Pittsburgh. However, it is obvious from the moment you walk in that this quaint little habitat and its animals are lovingly cared for by its staff. Despite its diminutive size, there really is a pretty decent selection of animals here. The Polar Bear exhibit is top notch, like the one in Pittsburgh and allows a front row seat for your kids to experience these powerful animals. My only complaint (and warning) would be about parking. Even with a membership, you have to pay for parking after you run out of the free passes in your membership. That's really not that big a deal, but the parking lot is very limited. I've driven there a few times only to find that there is no place to park. I understand that fixing this would require appropriating a part of Delaware Park, but I write this mainly to warn people that if you go during the busy times you might have to park pretty far away and hoof it to the gate!