Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo

5 Reviews

Chad Bennett
Sep 7, 2016

Wonderful family run zoo. Gummy Bear (the oldest living spider monkey in captivity) is really cute. The pygmy goats and reindeer are awesome to be able to pet. Very pleasant and clean.

Jordan Meeter
Oct 11, 2015

I can't believe I lived in Upstate NY for well over a decade and never checked out the Fort Rickey Petting Zoo in Rome, NY. We stopped by today for their Fall Fun Festival which only cost a mere $5 per person to get in. I was really amazed at the variety of animals they had, and especially the interactivity they allowed (and encouraged) with certain animals. Off the top of my head, they had chickens and peacocks roaming freely, Timber Wolves, porcupines, donkeys, Pygmy goats, rabbits, a monkey, llamas, deer, and a duck pond stocked with minnows, catfish, and more. They had a "maternity ward" which allowed visitors to pick up and hold baby Pygmy goats, and also had a fenced off area where visitors can walk amongst the deer and pet them, as well. I really enjoy bringing my daughter to places like instead of traditional zoos, as she can see and interact with animals in their natural habitats as opposed to in cages or tanks. Huge hat tip to Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo for their setup they have going on.

Sharlene Jones
Jul 6, 2016

Small, family run zoo. Not a lot of "bigger named" animals like giraffes and elephants. But they do have buffalo, peacocks, wolves, monkeys, etc. Petting zoo, maternity ward, otter shows daily. Small gift shop, picnic area, plenty of sun and shade, bounce house/amusement/ice cream area for an extra charge.

Bobbie Jo Getman
Jul 19, 2016

We had a blast today!! Cant wait to come back!!

Bev Piccione
Oct 31, 2016

Great place to take the young ones!