Adirondack Animal Land

5 Reviews

Christine Laauwe
Jul 22, 2016

A great place to spend the day with the whole family! The price might seem a bit high, but you get to do so much! You can feed the animals, tons of playgrounds and structures throughout the zoo for the kids, picnic tables throughout the zoo, most of it is shaded, it even has a cute little western town, and a walk through petting zoo to feed deer right up close. The safari ride was the final cherry on top! Just visited this past week while camping nearby. What a great activity!

Donna S
Aug 31, 2016

We visited the zoo today and we were pleasantly surprised. The zoo map online makes the zoo look very small but it's actually a decent size once there. It included a safari ride which we really enjoyed. The animals followed the trolley and it was pretty funny. The zoo itself is clean and well kept and the animals are friendly and very visible at all times. There were several play areas for the kids. The admission fee is a little bit high. There is a printable $2 per admission coupon on their website which made the admission fee a little bit more bearable but still a little high. However, I do forewarn future visitors with toddler/infants in strollers.....The flies are unbearable. Bring a stroller net!! The flies landed in clusters all over the stroller and the baby. I spent the whole afternoon shooing flies off of my 7 month old granddaughter. I looked away for a split second and turned to find a fly on the corner of her lip and one on her eye along with many others on different parts of her head. That, of course, is not the fault of the zoo. Flies will go where they will. I do highly recommend this zoo.

Ken Blass
Oct 4, 2016

If you liked the now closed Catskill Game Farm, you will love this. The best bart is the tram ride with the camels

Monica Seyffer
Jul 28, 2016

Went with our 4 year old,had a great time. You can feed most of the animals and lots of play areas for the little ones, lots of panic areas for lunch. The safari ride was great! Make sure you sit in the back!

Amy Visca
Aug 12, 2016

Perfect day trip for the kids. We loved everything about our visit and would return if in the area again.