The Wild Animal Park

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Nadine Spelman
Aug 19, 2016

Have visited several times and can honestly say I love it more than going to our zoo in Syracuse. The animals are taken care of so well here. They're not confined in tiny cages like some are at the zoo. You don't find the animals in the park pacing like those in the zoo do. They also have animals the zoo doesn't have and seem like they're always adding new animals to the park. The owners of the park are so nice and friendly. It makes it more of a personal experience that they're out and about mingling with the public. They also have a petting zoo that the kids love. You can actually have an experience of holding one of the animals and having your picture taken for a small fee. For me personally, the only drawback I find is the bounce house. Once the kids see it that is all they want to do. When it's a hot summer day the bounce house is extremely hot and "burns" them. Too hot for them to use, which makes for very upset grandchildren. Other than that, it's a wonderful place to go for a wonderful experience to see wild, well cared for, happy animals! I would definitely recommend!

Sarah Murray
Oct 2, 2016

I was able to feed giraffes! It was awesome! The price was great and they had a lot of animals you could feed for a little extra. Worth the time and the money. If I'm ever in the area I will be going again!!!

Sara Garlock
Aug 23, 2016

My family and i enjoy this place. However the staff are rude and reckless. While we visited we had 2 friendly staff and the reast were rude. There were 2 staff screaming about parking as we pulled in one of which made me load back up my 3 kids who are all in carseats cause he did not like where the other staff put us. Then once we got in there staffing must hate to walk cause they all drive around reckless on a gulf cart one of which came around a corner like a race car driver and almost hit my one year old that was walking with me.

Kenneth Denton
Sep 2, 2016

I went here today with my 3 grandchildren and daughter and son inlaw . Iwas very pkeased with every aspect if this park . Starting with the staff ,everyone actually acted as ifvthey were truly gladwe were there everything there is clean, all the animal ares are ery well kept. All animals are healthy looking and,acting . Prices,are,very reasonable . Its line a new CLEAN well maintained,and carex for Catskill Gane Farm . Wexwill definitely be returning and recomnend it to everyone

Wes Belisle
Jun 21, 2016

Great place. It was cool to be able to get so close to the animals. I would say it's a lot different than the zoo. I was impressed with the quality of the constructions and cages there as well as the variety of animals. Some of the cages felt a little small for certain animals but it seems like the did care about keeping them happy. A little pricey, but far more interactive than the zoo since you can feed the animals here which is great for the little ones.