Thompson Park Zoo and Conservancy

5 Reviews

Lance Rock
Oct 13, 2016

Had a great time with my girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter. They have a pretty good assortment of animals. The bears were very active and we got to see them up close and personal when the keeper fed them peanuts. More than worth the entry fee. Avoid the gift shop though.

Jeremy Holm
Sep 5, 2016

Thompson Park as a whole is a great hilltop location on the edge of Watertown. Lots of picnic areas, trails (paved and woodland-type), golf course, and yes the zoo. Realize that this is North Country NY, and the only animals they can keep here are able to survive the harsh winters here! This is not a standard zoo, but it's a nice ine to take small children to.

LisaMarie Kring
Oct 9, 2016

The zoo is a great place to take children, is well maintained, and the staff is friendly. It would have been nice to know the wolverine and fisher cat were gone, instead of waiting for them to appear.

Glenn Griggs Jr
Aug 20, 2016

I went there 2 days ago I drove 2 hours and 45 minutes there were like nine attractions and half of them you couldn't even see because they were in hiding somewhere felt like $30 for 2 adults and 2 kids for 20 minutes of nothing is not worth it I wanted my money back that is who has nothing I'm surprised it has not been shut down yet it looks run down the animals look very old and there's not many different kinds of species not even an elephant

Julia Deihl
Aug 19, 2016

Not very pleasing no animals. All the animal you could see out side beside 2 animals. very disaponting not happy