Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Zoological Park

5 Reviews

Megan DeRoche
Sep 13, 2016

We always enjoy our time here. The zookeepers are so friendly & the place is really kept up. My kids are always excited. The last visit we made a zookeeper did a special otter feeding just for us. He went above & beyond. Best yet, the prices are awesome!

Grant Campbell
Aug 31, 2016

Nice place to visit... Some beautiful animals in a natural Florida environment. The structures are a work in progress, but it looks like the place is in good hands and the managers will work to improve everything as they are able. Support this organization that also rescues wildlife in our area!

vevo ro
Jul 14, 2016

I enjoyed my visit ! They are all rescued, the people were very nice and welcoming and the price isn't bad either. You can truly tell they care and love their jobs with working with animals. However, I think they should work more on updating their enclosure's . I would come back again and everyday if I lived here.

Kris Cole
Aug 20, 2016

Had an awesome time with my two little girls and they enjoyed looking at all the different types of animals. Also the staff was so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend it for all the locals and tourists.

Tara Rieman
May 25, 2016

The people were very nice, although my fiancé and I paid $50.00 for a lemur "encounter" expecting to actually interact with the animals. We were only allowed to stand slightly closer to the cage and feed them, not even able to touch them what so ever. The advertising was very misleading and stated 30-40 minutes I believe we were only alotted maybe 10-15 minutes. Very nice group of people working there, but I am extremely upset that we weren't provided with what was advertised.