Butler Enterprises

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jimmi patel
Oct 10, 2016

the worst place to see all homeless people in the huge plaza they are everywere I go there for studying at starbucks and I see an homeloss there in the corner outside on the patio every day and nigh and also he dirty the floor in front of all the people that were sitting there as if he owns the plaza people there were all watching him and he didn't care about it if the management would really worry of their business they have to kick them out and keep them off the plaza too. This is an bad business impression on butlerplaza. this need to be taken in consideration ASAP.

Andy N.
Sep 10, 2016

So you know the end of the world where all the Zombies are about to eat all the living and you are allowed to go to one last place before you die. Make that last place WALMART. Besides, the slipper floors this Walmart is clean and organized. Oh yeah, and the staff actually knows where things are like they know where to find pipe cleaners for example! I hope they keep up the great service. Of course, this Walmart does suffer from long lines and terrible showy Walmart jewelry but the place is great and would give Target or Tarjey if your fancy a run for its money

Piru K
Jul 26, 2016

You'll find all kinds of stores right from cell accessories (atnt, t mobile, apple store) to groceries located around the place. Recently, they've added a few pokestops for Pokémon go enthusiasts (myself being a lvl 21player). Your favorite Publix and Walmart are all located here. Regular bus services and lots of apartments surrounding it. If you are a Uf student, then this is definitely your place.

Aug 28, 2016

Great plaza I love the new Marshalls They opened gville needes it

justin white
Apr 17, 2016

Man, all this construction has really screwed up everything! Whoever planned the roads obviously has never driven before nor do they plan on driving here... I have reserved a special place in hell for them. It's impossible to easily navigate the plaza, all one way and no u-turns. It forces you back onto archer Rd which is just making traversing archer (especially if you aren't shopping) even more difficult and frustrating. They need more signs on the street that runs behind all the stores.