Intracoastal Mall

5 Reviews

Lynn Maas
Oct 12, 2016

Love Yako lunch Benton box-$10. Wonderful service. Want to visit other restaurants as well. TJ Maxx has good selection.

Darius Parlor
Aug 28, 2016

Duffys and iPic are my 2 favorite spots although Ipics appetizer and premium seating prices will make you feel some type of way. The japanese restaurant has a super good red bean ice cream.

KT Lang
Jul 5, 2016

i seriously don't know how this place is still standing...if it wasnt for Marshalls & ROSS being there i'm sure it wouldnt last!

Malva Bee
Oct 18, 2016

Parking can be an issue on week ends, otherwise you have nice restaurantes, a delicious pizza place that is there for over 20 years, a movie theater that you can dine while watching your favorite movie, and a fantastic dollar store that actually everything is $1!

Austin Stephens
Apr 13, 2016

I have not been every were with in this area but the parking lot it not over crowded so parking is a fast and easy. The stores I have been in are good but don't have the best customer service. For example in win dixi i had to ask 3 people before I found someone to show me the location of something.