Pittsford Cinema 9

5 Reviews

Kathryn Agnew Relyea
Aug 12, 2016

Affordable ticket prices ... making taking the whole family to the movies a joy. One of the only theaters that still has real butter on the popcorn... Yum! Goodies are less than half the price of the other large theaters. Get to your movie early, if you bought online tickets, as the tickets are general admission (if you have a group/family to sit together).

Rebecca Holley
Oct 2, 2016

Has a student discount and standard movie selection. My friend went to get his drink refilled and couldn't find any staff anywhere in the theatre! Found out that the cinema was locked up when we walked outside and my friend tried to go back to get the bag he put down. The showing started at 9:20 I didn't expect the staff to leave before the movie ended.

Ian Scheil
Jul 25, 2016

Always been my favorite theater in the area. Now has recliner seats that put AMC and Regal to shame. They left the slope to the theater floor which actually make it more comfy and increase visibility of the chair in front of you isn't being used. They did a great job and I am in love with it. Always Sony 4K and awesome digital screens and projection.

Alex Turner
May 13, 2016

Independent theater with lower than average ticket prices, affordable concessions, and those comfy comfy couches you never knew you wanted and now can't enjoy a movie without. (okay maybe you can, but still couches are raising the bar!) Buy ahead for popular shows× because there aren't a lot of seats in each theater. (Also show up early because the front seats are a *little* too close.)

Kobyashi Maru
Jun 11, 2016

Clean and modern local theater with major amenities... low ticket prices and real butter for the popcorn!