Aurora Theatre

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Fred Mertz
Aug 15, 2016

Apparently they're pretty right wing, as they are one of only two theaters in all of WNY showing the 100 minutes of a republican mocumentary made by the conservative felon D'Sousa who has released other garbage such as "2016: Obama's America" and "What's So Great About Christianity". This movie is so bad that it currently has a 4% approval rating. I have no interest in dealing with this business anymore, one that so blatantly puts this garbage political propaganda on its screens. Thanks for showing me your true colors though.

Joseph Deni
Jul 24, 2016

Brought my family of 5 to watch BFG. We Always get popcorn and pop at the movies. That was without a doubt the worst tasting stale popcorn and nasty extra butter we have ever had at any movie theater. Even the pop was flat and tasted like they use wastewater in the mix. It is an old theater and I didn't expect great sound, and it wasn't. They could at least correctly mix their bass and treble with the proper volume. I Will go to an AMC or Regal Cinema next time. I certainly paid the same price and wouldn't have minded the experience if the popcorn wasn't as old as the theater.

SJ Brown
Sep 27, 2016

Lovely restored small town theatre showing the best films. The in house made real popcorn in many flavors is a treat you won't find any where else

Wade Buchwald Jr
Oct 29, 2016

Comfortable seating in a nostalgic old fashioned theatre. Good sound and picture.

Dayna Szmolke
Jul 6, 2016

Pros: Friendly staff, cheap prices and old timey feel. Cons: Myself and several friends got bed bugs from here. That shouldn't happen. Ever.