The Breeze Cinemas 8

5 Reviews

Kirby Bridges
Oct 29, 2016

I love this theatre. It's never as crowded as the Pensacola theatres and has much nicer people working there. They also give discount coupons out sometimes in certain circulars. They sometimes have classic movie nights. I was able to see Back to the Future and Akira here. It was great!

Vanessa Rosario
Sep 12, 2016

Small theater. Not comfortable. Always young kids running around in the theater and talking during the movies (in a rated R movie thats supposed to be 17 and up). The workers warned us before we went in so its obviously a constant problem.

Tessa Fielding
May 14, 2016

This place is great. Wonderful and nice staff. This place is always clean. We love going here!

Cj Alleman
Jul 9, 2016

Theater was pitch dark. You couldn't see where the seats were or even if there was anyone sitting in them. It stopped playing in the middle of the movie and they made us listen to advertisements for 15 minutes until it started again.

Christopher Robinson
Jul 5, 2016

I love this theater. It is never crowded and is usually clean. Movies are always current and quality it great.