Carmike Cinemas Bayou 15

5 Reviews

T Turner
Nov 1, 2016

This is a great theater, the only issue I have is some screens are too large for the available sitting area. Meaning you are forced to be really close to a giant screen if you can't get into the top half of the seating. Good area, police always around for safety, concessions are good (free refills on drinks), roomy seating (arm and legroom).

Superfly Leo
Sep 20, 2016

Pretty ok, fairly clean, lots of parking, but you often have to pay at the concession counter vs. the actual box office meaning you have to wait in the concession line to buy your movie ticket when you don't want food. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Mike Anderson
Aug 31, 2016

This is the best theater in Pensacola. It's kept fairly clean. Occasionally they set the volume a little too loud in the IMAX theaters. It's definitely worth the $20 to get an annual bucket if you decide on getting popcorn more than three times. There's another Carmike Theater out at The Wharf, Orange Beach, AL that has a nice atmosphere and other attractions around, but it's a long drive. If you live in Perdido Key, though, they're about the same distance.

Fred Malpica
Aug 17, 2016

Clean, big, very popular with teenagers so don't plan on a quiet movie most Friday or Saturday nights. I enjoy going in the middle of the week after school with my little one and enjoying the theater all to ourselves.

Rebecca Moore
Jul 22, 2016

Expensive but fairly nice theater...not the most amenities or the cleanest, but the best in the area. IMAX is awesome for vusually stunning movies (Walter Mitty) or blockbuster (Deadpool) but you'll pay for the privilege.