Portside Cinemas

5 Reviews

Ty Stines
Sep 11, 2016

Great prices in movies and very comfortable chairs in the theaters. The only problem I had was the lens on the projector didn't seem clean so our entire movie was foggy. Would recommend.

Alex Hall
Jul 17, 2016

Surprisingly clean for a theater on a naval base. The staff seems a bit inattentive at times but they still get the job done. The theaters themselves have great audio and picture. The nachos aren't anything to write home about but the popcorn especially with butter salt gets an A+. One thing I dislike about this theater is that they get movies about two or three weeks later than the main theaters. Can't complain since it's only $3 a person.

Josh Lesko
Oct 13, 2016

Cheap prices, timely releases. Can't beat it.

Joey Halcrow
May 21, 2016

Its a great theatre with great prices. I had a chance to see Ride Along 2 before it even came out in theatres for free here! The snacks are more fairly priced then with other theatres and the people are nice here. There is also movie schedules and event lists here so go check it out!

Sean Malachy
May 6, 2016

Popcorn smells great when I go to the gym next door. 10/10 would smell again.