The Marquis Cinema 10

5 Reviews

Angel Soldier
Oct 12, 2016

Up to date on all the movies and although the price can be high sometimes it offers 3d movies which is a awesome bonus. all movies are in HD and look good. the food is fairly amazing and is definitely a neat movie theater to try out

Brittany Woods
Sep 17, 2016

Theatre smelled like urine and the floors are always sticky. If you want fresh popcorn, don't expect to get it here. Taste like the popcorn out of the bag, isn't warm, stale crunch and is ridiculously over priced. Only go here for the pure convenience of a movie theatre right down the road and absolutely nothing else.

Alyssa Lee
Jun 25, 2016

The popcorn is amazing! Very clean environment and nice service. It can get cold in the theater but I think every cinema is like that. Love going here all the time.

Thomas Gordon
Sep 25, 2016

A great option for locals. Much, much better than the previous location in Crestview. Big screens and respectable sound system.

Lisa Bolduc
Sep 3, 2016

Enjoy ea.&every opportunity to view movies here. Preferably the scariest,as is cuddle time(my honey becomes my security blanket)????