The Ridge Cinema 8

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Tabitha Dixon
Jun 4, 2016

Usually this place is very good. I would typically give a better review. However we decided to have a birthday party here for a 12 year old boy last Saturday . The hostess was horrible. I won't put her name on here, but she should really learn better manners. I had to go to her and ask for everything. She never came to the room once. Every time I asked a question she was rude and very "cocky" with her answer. Let's remember that this is a 12 yr old's party so there isn't much that I could be asking for. The only reason I am giving 3 stars is because the manager did come and check on us and tried his best to make us comfortable. HE made sure we got our popcorn, drinks, candy...HE directed us to the theater. Not sure what the hostess' issue was and if she reads this know that I said a prayer for you. You really should learn to treat people better.

Carol Rich
Sep 9, 2016

If you think they are highway robbery for pop and popcorn. Go to Pensacola theaters. They are double that.

Melissa Reiter
Oct 6, 2016

Always great kids working here. Popcorn is yummy. Small and cozy.

Chris Huffman
Apr 19, 2016

We travel from Pensacola to The Ridge whenever possible. We've seen movies here for the past seven years. Customer service is top notch and the prices on concessions are the lowest in this area of the country. We appreciate the opportunity to purchase bottled drinks. Drink prices have only gone up .50 since 2009. You all are the best!

Murray Gonzalez
Dec 28, 2015

The staff is always courteous and helpful. The concession stand prices are fine. I realize if it weren't for the concession stand, the theater couldn't afford to operate. I like the Ridge Cinema 8. Only gave it three stars because my problem is the people who go to the movies. They evidently have a need to be seen and heard. Every time I go to a movie, someone is acting out, or being rude to the concession stand people, and, more often than not, talking during the entire movie. I find this extremely irritating! I'm now to the point where I ask people to stop talking. I don't understand why people are so rude and/or act like fools. During the slides before the coming attractions, texting and talking on the phone are discouraged as is making a video of the movie. A distinct slide concerning talking during movies should be added. Other than that, the Ridge Cinema 8 is a great theater!