Marianna Cinemas

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Oct 21, 2016

The workers at this cinema are very nice and are from the area. They are patient and experienced workers. The owner is a cool dude so dont be afraid to say hello if you see him. The snack deals that they have for the you are good. Its a wonderful family friendly place. With clean restroom and theatre's you will want to come back again and again to see all the newest movies.

Deborah Kuettel
Jul 16, 2016

Thank goodness we have a theater here in Marianna that has four current movies playing all the time with lots of times available all day. Usually the variety includes a comedy, an animated film, a horror movie and some action or drama. Popcorn is good. The lines are long on weekends so it's best to arrive early. Always good preview to coming movies.

Sep 7, 2016

It's a really good place for the family small and comfortable movies are kinda limited but never the less good over all.. I only gave 4 because sometime they don't have all the new move is play yes granted they are smaller they could flip flop days or somthing

J. Longhurst
Jul 23, 2016

If you like stadium seating and don't like all the rows of seats nearlyat the same height tgen you better call ahead and see if your movie will be playing in the good theater. I wish they played more horror flicks. The butter on the popcorn tasted a bit off. I still gave it 5 stars!!!! Because it was nice and cool inside, the restroom was clean, and BECAUSE if they closed we would all have to drive really far away to see a movie. I'm just THANKFUL for what we have!!!!

Nikki Meredith
Oct 31, 2016

Went an seen the meda movie yesterday an i have to say it was the most funniest move I enjoyed it will definitely be paying to see it again