Westland Mall

5 Reviews

Jank Hank
Oct 21, 2016

This mall will always be awesome. It's gone through so many changes over the year, but it manages to maintain its charm. I will miss the hidden arcade on the side.

Binio Laurencio
Oct 18, 2016

Actually nice mall with restaurants and stores you might need. Ample parking and easy highway access.

Danny Estevez
Jul 10, 2016

They have done a good job keeping this mall relevant over the years. They have brought some good food choices like Fudruckers, Los Ranchos and others. Parking is usually pretty easy over all.

Jame Gonzalez
Aug 16, 2016

Good mall to go in and get what you need but not to hang out. Not many stores, and some can sometimes be very messy, especially jcpenney.

Hector A Parayuelos
Sep 25, 2016

This mall has gotten a lot better in the last few years, much cleaner with a better selection of stores