Miracle Mile and Downtown Coral Gables

5 Reviews

Eva Leung
Sep 20, 2016

Restaurants, wedding bridal shops, clothing boutiques, & there are a wide variety of hotels & quaint places on the picturesque streets behind miracle mile as well (I.e. Small tea, books & books, sushi maki, Demetrios, Coral gables museum, sushi samba etc).

Joseph Anson
Mar 28, 2016

This area has a nice variety of dining and shopping choices. There are many dining and drinking choices ranging from high-end to everyday places. The parking can get tight though they do have valet everywhere. There are also some nice bookstores which make for nice places to stop for a break.

Sam Fern
Mar 23, 2016

Great place to live by, you have you're share of high end stores while you have Ross on the other hand, then you have your restaurants which are locally owned, and your high end restaurants. Which is great because Miracle Mile has the best of both worlds and is also very diverse and full of life.

Guz Abdu
Aug 24, 2016

Great area, the best and most beautiful neighborhood in Miami

Alina Borbon
Oct 13, 2016

Beautiful place for walk and visit gorgeous stores!