The Mall at Wellington Green

5 Reviews

julie green
Jun 20, 2016

great mall! mid size mid range prices. reward program for locals to the area, sign up a credit card, make all the purchases with that card and with every 250 you spend , a 10 credit is applied back to the card! Restrooms are usually clean . Good shopping experience overall.

Lisa Selthofer
Sep 12, 2016

Nice shops and the interior is clean. Unfortunately while the teen window shoppers takeover in the afternoons blocking access to merchandise, the bigger issue is the drivers around the outside perimeter road that make getting to the mall dangerous. The landscaping is over grown so cars jump out as they cannot see you...and I drive a nice large truck. Proceed with caution.

Andrew Flores
Aug 31, 2016

Great to take the kids, they have a fun play area with an ice cream annd candy shop right next to it.. Always go shopping here plus its a nice walk.

Luis Ruiz
Aug 22, 2016

Too many trees well hidden. Not enough signs to tell you what's in the mall. Can't say much about the shopping since I never shop there. Just built and new TooJay's Deli and Restaurant. Good place for breakfast lunch and dinner

Kahlil Wehmeyer
Jun 9, 2016

It's an okay mall. I hate the parking lot design and with an Engineering background I have to say that the contractors for this mall have no idea what they are doing. The whole ring road concept is a recipe for a collision. The mall itself is average with a typical selection of stores and the oh so nice vendors that attack you. I'd expect nothing less. Additionally the food court is not the best but there is good options for everybody's liking. Overall it's a clean mall with a nice selection of stores and the worst road design in the history of civil engineering. Seriously! The Roman's could have done better