Morry's Deli

5 Reviews

Melissa Chiodo
Oct 29, 2016

The people who work there are very friendly. I ordered a double dog and cheese fries; the bun on the hot dog seemed stale and the cheese for the fries seemed like it'd been sitting under a heat lamp for hours. The hot dogs are nice jumbo size ones and the nice large portion of fries was good though.

J Lla
Jul 22, 2016

Great little local deli with the best selection. Reubens and subs that are over stuffed with the most flavorful and delicious meats! Good price and good food! Pastrami and salami was down right amazing! Would go here again and again. My 5 yo had a hot dog and it was large and on a poppyseed bun. The burger my 12 yo had was great too! A good place for a quick lunch. Sandwiches are huge, bring a friend to share with!

Shomik Das
Aug 16, 2016

Is a great corner deli with good coffee and a great grill that makes sandwiches. The staff are great guys and the place is clean and put together. Great to get a bite to eat or a drink on the go or to even sit and be leisurely.

joe kallo
May 16, 2016

A Chicago institution and well deserved. The sandwiches are more cheap but they will feed two people. Do not miss the excellent soups.

Alfredo Aviles
Sep 23, 2016

Very disappointed, they microwave their deli meats and to make it even worse they do it with the bread. sandwich got all soggy and the pastrami was salty.