Mystic Blue

5 Reviews

Edward Lin
Oct 6, 2016

1. Cruise crew team asked my grandparents who are handicapped and are sitting on wheelchairs to walk two flights of stairs. 2. Unreasonable seating area. We are a group of 20 and only half of us can actually get up to get our food (buffet style dinning) 3. Horrible customer service - sat down at 7pm and did not get first drink until 8:30PM. Does not feel like a high end dinning place at all!!

J Zheng
Jul 19, 2016

The food and service were terrible! The food quality was bad, and the service was very slow.

Munther Mohammad
May 22, 2016

It was nice and romantic with good food music and service was excellent. Actually won a cruise for 2 in a contest 2 years ago. I would pay for it if I didn't

David Liang
Mar 6, 2016

Food: 2 Service: 3 Decor: 3 Came here for Northwestern Senior Formal. Pros: -dj was okay and much better than The Odyssey's, but the music selection still needed work (was probably more appropriate for some girl's sweet 16 party) -view was nice Cons: -food was disappointing, although it was the same as The Odyssey's (breaded chicken strips, carrots and celery, meatballs, mac and cheese, chips and cheese sauce, chocolate chip cookies on a stick, profiteroles (which were okay), and chocolate cake) -service was mediocre (had to walk around to find someone for water)

Leah Williams
Aug 3, 2015

The trip was so fun and was fantastic! The food was amazing! The staff was very nice. The music was great. The best part was the view of Chicago from the water. I loved my experience on the mystic blue!!!