America's Dog

5 Reviews

Jessica Spruit
Oct 31, 2016

I've been here a few times now, and I used to frequent the one in Lincoln Park before it closed. I always get the Dallas Dog (cheese, chili, onions) and it's quite mediocre and bland, especially for the price. The other dogs just don't interest me. Although the curly fries are really delicious. I got there right before closing time so service was fine, quick, no complaints. Decent run-of-the-mill hot dog place, but overpriced. It was $10.99 for a hot dog, fries, and drink. (Over $12 with tax)

Will Coleman
Aug 19, 2016

Exceptionally rude, and amazingly they got my order wrong wrong!!! However I loved the hotdog, great bite soft fresh bun, and an ice cold lemonade.

Sungma Lee
Aug 7, 2016

RUDE service, long wait (for a hot dog), over $5 for a hot dog Need I say more? Nothing says come back to one of Chicago's signature attractions like rude and slow service for over priced mediocre food.

Mathew Benham
Jun 26, 2016

Food was what you expect from a hot dog stand. Very good and nice variety. Only real bad thing was the wait time.

Kevin Midgley
Sep 24, 2016

Although I greatly enjoyed my Chicago dog the slow service, expense, and small size made me give it an okay rating. Over $10 for a drink dog and fry. There was no line and we waited more than. 10 minutes for our food