Odyssey Chicago

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Natosha Porter
Sep 27, 2016

Took my mother and my baby girl here for my mother's 55th birthday and oh was she treated like a pure queen! So much attention on her and her birthday. The entertainment was phenomenal although I forgot the guys name, he does karaoke night at our local McDonald's and my daughter immediately recognized him from that as that's a popular place she frequents. Our waiters Austin, Domonique and Elvin (I think that was his name) were so nice. I have done dinner cruises before with just my husband on other boats at the Pier, but this by far was my favorite experience. This may have been my first visit, but it will not be my last!

Jun 12, 2016

Dont waste your money on this cruise, the service is terrible, we where a party of 6 people, I paid close to a thousand dl for this so call Dinner Cruise, they sat us at table by the window as we requested(paid extra for it) after seeing everybody been served but us, I went and hunt for a server, this guy named: "Jason" our server was apologetic about it(he should have been), they serve us dinner, food was nothing extraordinary, the cruise was not bad, I keep asking this guy (Jason) for water, he just ignore me completely, at the en of the cruise he asked if we didn't need anything else and if we wanted the check, I asked him one last time "can u get me a glass or a bottle of water wherever you guys have here and the bill please", he said: "of course", he came back with the bill and didn't bring the water,at this point a was so frustrated, I just wanted to get off the damm cruise and run to first place where I could buy me some water, I can't believe this people, they r not cheap and they can even give you a glass of water, I was so frustrated and disappointed, first time visiting Chicago and wanted to try something different, it was different alright! I have never been treated like this before, at least not for the price we paid, I really encourage you to look for a better cruise, there is plenty to choose from, never ever again when coming back to Chicago will step a foot on this place again.

Isadore Carter
Sep 2, 2016

Attended a work event and haf great time! I can't judge on the value however the food, drinks and staff were all top notch!

Thomas Hayes
May 15, 2016

Food was excellent and the staff was very friendly. Was very chilly today, and they were playing Christmas music up on the observation deck!

Prathyusha Moduga
Jul 4, 2016

We went for midnight cruise.. Dont expect much from food.. Just get ur drink sit and enjoy the view