Domino's Pizza

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Aug 1, 2016

The best...whenever I find myself in Hyde Park (I live in Edgewater), I always stop in at this Domino's location. Genera is all awesomesauceness...she always has my order ready on time and prepared the way I like it!

Robert Johndrow
Sep 29, 2016

Driver was 30 minutes late. I went to the lobby and he told me it would be another 20 minutes because I was not there waiting for him. Worst service ever.

Paola Caceres
Aug 12, 2016

SO MUCH BETTER THAN PAPA JOHNS. They canceled my order and didnt even say why.

Jamal Abd Rabbih
Feb 23, 2016

Pizza was not delivered. Waited an hour for delivery. Called them, they claimed my number didn't work. (My number works). Said they'd redeliver it. Waited another half hour and called them again, they again claimed my number didn't work. My number works. I called my own number to verify that it works. Gave them a different number just in case. Waited another half hour and called them again, and they claimed that this new number also didn't work and that they wouldn't be delivering my pizza. Both of the numbers I gave them are perfectly functional. And why couldn't they just ring the doorbell like everyone else who delivers?

Nicole Michelle
Mar 3, 2016

Hell I'm still trying to take the one star off. This place is awful I ordered and paid for $40 worth of food to have to call back myself to find out that dominos pizza removed the delivery and switched to carryout. Then on top of switching my order they canceled my whole order 2 in à half hours lady and my money hasn't come back to my card either! Absolute garbage dnt