The Original Pancake House

5 Reviews

Onyina Jantuah
Oct 22, 2016

Service was fast and friendly. The strawberry waffle and hot chocolate was truly beyond my expectations.It was very delicious. Clean establishment and really felt like the good ol' warm family eatery. Definitely going back soon.

Tonnisha Bolian
Oct 10, 2016

The food is good but one of the male hostesses were very rude. I was with a party of 4 and the hostess showed us to our table but not before he just slung our menus across the table and walked away. I thought was rude and unnecessary. He applied for the job,no one else did it for him,if he's unhappy he can find other employment. Everyone has a bad day but when you work with the public,that outside issue should be suppressed. Upon paying ,I asked the same hostess do they have a military discount and without even a shred of courtesy to look up he immediately said no. I don't frequent this location and these are one of the reasons.

E. Williams
Aug 9, 2016

I have loved this chain ever since I was a child (frequented Hyde Park location) and was pleasantly surprised to find this one. No wait time, food is always fantastic and service is great.

Cedric McCay
Jun 15, 2016

This is a local favorite! It can be quite busy here, so consider that if you are coming at peak times (late breakfast, early lunch). The food is typical American fare and usually well-prepared. The staff tends to be friendly in their wait service. Customers are also courteous and usually show a bit of 'southside hospitality'. It's a great place to get a bite to eat alone, have a quick meeting, or bring a kid for a pancake birthday party! Parking in the lot and on the street. Accessible by CTA bus and Metra train.

ricky allen
Sep 12, 2016

This is the only breakfast spot I go to. The pancakes are the best and the skillets are amazing. Everyone that I have taken here have always came back for more.