Jimmy John's

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Karen McClain
Oct 15, 2016

I put in an online order while in the emergency room at University of Chicago and I was perplexed that it said 30min. But ok. So 30 minutes go by and I call the store and I was told the BIKER just left. So after 40min I finally got my order. Not freaky fast at all. The delivery should've came in a car if it was already late

Jakob Reinhold
Aug 8, 2016

I am a big fan of Jimmy John's! The service is always the best part. They were a little short-staffed when we first got there and it took a little longer than normal but the overall experience was great.

Jason Pearcy
Oct 20, 2016

Consistent Jimmy John's experience. Good sandwiches fast.

M MacFarland
Jul 29, 2016

Basic Sandwich shop. Quick service but only decent food.

George Pr
Sep 20, 2015

Actually kind of terrifying how fast the delivery was. I had just begun to take the first bite of the sandwich when I decided to look at the clock. Only 13 minutes had passed since the time I had placed my order. I hadn't even finished watching the youtube video I had started when I finished my order. I ordered online, I highly recommend it. I asked them in the comment section of my order to come up to my floor because my foot was hurt and they came right up, even though it took them a while cause the buzzer was not working properly. I also saved my address as Awesome McAwesome INC. and it showed up on my receipt, so there's that. Go for it, although it is a chain, and tip well. I will always tip well there (although I always do in most places cause I am familiar with the absurdly low wages tipped employees usually get).