Kikuya Japanese Restaurant

5 Reviews

Zachary Parker
Oct 28, 2016

Amazing Byob and lunch specials. Sushi is good and everything else is great. My new favorite spot.

Sam Wright
Oct 27, 2016

Best unagi (eel) roll I have had in the States. A great place and the family who runs it are the nicest people around. When in Chicago, we always come here!

Yuki Wright
May 31, 2016

The staff was very friendly and nice. We asked for a special order for our son and they didn't mind to do the favor for us. Our favorite were Udon noodles. I ordered Niku-Udon, meat was seasoned with soy and sugar (sweet). My son ordered Udon with shrimp tempura. Udon was plain (that I liked, good flavor) and 5pc of shrimp tempura came with it. The tempura were crispy and so yummy! Of course, they have sushi and Donburi dishes like Katsuya-don, Ten-don etc. I like those Japanese restaurants who have home style Japanese cuisines, not only sushi. I'll definitely come back to Kikuya-san!

Marcia Mayumi Kondo
Sep 18, 2016

Kikuya is a really nice restaurant to eat a legity japanese food!!!

Julia X
Aug 24, 2016

A small, cute, family-owned place with good Japanese food. A favorite of UChicago students.