Taco Bell

5 Reviews

Onyina Jantuah
Oct 22, 2016

TLDR: had to wait fur food even though O placed online order. Service needs improvement food was standard taco bell. Placed my order online to avoid the hassle of having to wait figured that's what it was for (Stoney Island in my opinion can be dubious during the daytime needless to say after nightfall) . After hoping in an Uber around 12ish at night I arrived to a full drive through and as opposed to waiting in the car line I stood outside and spoke to the employee who then told me there was a wait..... Which eventually turned out to be just about as long as the drive through wait even though there see me and one other customer standing there.

Corina Lillig
Sep 28, 2016

The food is good (like evrey taco bell) but the walk up and drive through both take a long time. everytime i walk up order i end up waiting like 10 minutes for just a quesdilla.

Stephanie & Dewana Balvarez
Sep 4, 2016

Service is poor, there is no walk in area you have to stand outside and order. Pray to God you don't get robbed or shot! The employees don't offer you specials or explain what's in the box. Takes about 20-30 minutes in the drive thru.. I would suggest the Taco bell on 95th and Ashland verses this one.

Kayiona Taylor
Aug 20, 2016

The girls at the window are always nice and polite in my experience..always received great quality food as far as taco bell goes lol.

Oliver Gavin
Oct 10, 2016

Great food love there tacos highly recommend this to families and friend.