Zaleski & Horvath MarketCafe

5 Reviews

Amy Woehling
Oct 9, 2016

Separate coffeehouse from cafe so never a long line. Cute spot with friendly service!Delicious cake doughtnuts and healthy snack pantry. Ok place to do work.

mikaya mccarty
Oct 16, 2016

ideal trendy cafe. please fix that lightbulb that goes out every 30 seconds.

Amy Chung-Yu Chou
Jan 20, 2016

Z&H's Chicken cilantro lime soup is divine and they serve great iced lattes (which I am not ashamed to admit that I drink even during the heaviest snow days). They have some of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten and also great taco nights. Service is friendly and they still remember you years after you've graduated from the U of C.

Brandon Callender
Apr 30, 2016

I love this place. It's a shame they changed the way Breakfast Sammis work, but their sandwiches are otherwise excellent.

Isotope Blue
Nov 12, 2015

Coffee house / cafe / deli (real deli where people come to buy sliced meat and such) / gourmet food store. Brick walls, hardwood floors. Eclectic music on not too loud. Layout is a bit odd -- one bar, a long set of table pushed together in a middle, and a few scraggler tables. Several outlets, though some are broken or nonstandard. Free wifi with password - reliable and high speed. I was there on a Thursday afternoon in autumn. It got crowded around lunch, then emptied out in afternoon. Large lunchy menu - I had a good, if not exciting, salad. Small selection of high quality loose leaf teas. Small selection of pretty good pastries. They do a nice chai - not too sweet. I'm torn between 4 and 5 stars, but it's not quite cozy feeling enough for 5.