Pazzo's at Three-Eleven

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Jeff Abbas
Sep 20, 2016

We had our daughter's wedding there past weekend I couldn't tell you how nice this place is the Atrium is where we had her ceremony and later dinner by the waterfall, As far as the beautiful 80 Ft ceilings the architecture of the atrium is perfect for a such a setting! nevertheless The Catering manager Fay Sweeney is Wonderful, Well Sandy, Shylah and I walked in the place met Fay Sweeny and were very impressed with her personal attention we received through out our wedding preparations until the end on the wedding day and she was professional , attentive and courteous for all our needs until the end. She is wonderful and does a great job of making this place very desirable. I highly recommend her and Pazzo's @311 The food was very good not typical wedding food we did have the best on the menu for our guest and its was impressive! servers were great and the bar was well attended as well. Fay's leadership and management style was impeccably impressive too. I highly recommend this place ., by far the best experience ever !!! Fay & Staff keep up the good work. Best Regards, Sandy & Jeff Abbas (Shylah's Wedding)

Wayse Akbar
Jun 9, 2016

This place is pretty good. I didn't think it was personally super great fantastic food.

David Tedeschi
Aug 15, 2016

Good selection of pasta dishes. Friendly service.

Jared T
Mar 4, 2016

Good food but not too expensive. Silverware could have been cleaner though.

Justin Hall
Jun 19, 2013

Delicious homemade pasta. Large, open, comfortable atmosphere, you almost forget you're in the lobby of a large office building. Outstanding service. Pop music didn't really fit the vibe of the place, but since that's the worst complaint I can give them, they have my recommendation.