Market Creations Cafe

5 Reviews

Curtis Hiller
Jul 17, 2016

Not really a fan of their sushi, and the by-the-pound price does keep going up, but their offerings are pretty great and give you a lot of options for a good lunch. I especially like the salad options and wings.

Avinash Salgam
Apr 11, 2016

Basic business lunch buffet. Nothing special.

Jennessa Berg
Sep 17, 2014

There just aren't too many to-go friendly breakfast spots near Lake Shore East, or really in general. Market Creations does cater to people looking for a quick semi-healthy meal, and it offers a variety of buffet and made to order options for the professional who is hungry for food that isn't too junky. I've been here for lunch a couple times and for breakfast many. The breakfast buffet is always consistent, with lots of options (even for those who are veggie or gluten free!), but is more of a cafeteria than a cafe.

D Pham
Oct 6, 2013

There are a lot of variety here, from sushi to stir fry to the salad and fruit bar. Some items, like the chicken wings and the ginger fish, can be good, but overall, I always leave here feeling like I overpaid. $12.95 per pound is pretty outrageous, yet during the lunch hour rush, you could expect to wait in the line that goes all the way out the door. If you come after 2pm, the price is half off, but even then, I still feel like I'm being gypped. I avoid this most time, and only come when I absolutely have to. Oh, and when you get the soup, be careful or the soup guy will try to flirt with you.

Meghan Armes
Jul 29, 2016

Delicious food