5 Reviews

Michal Hipner
Sep 15, 2016

Subs are getting boring, Chicken teriyaki is the only thing worth while. No major complaints.

Vlad Zaiets
Oct 18, 2016

It's good to have a 24 hour spot for those late night event hunger walks.

Lu-Fu Chen
Oct 4, 2016

Great sandwiches and not crowded

Desmond Haines
Sep 15, 2012

Never been to this Subway, but Subways are my choice when I want to eat light. I wouldn't say healthy because they have all kinds of stuff that isn't healthy. But when I'm in a town and don't know where to go for something "light", I know what to do - Just google a subway on my phone! $5 footlong deals are great too.

Andrea Powell
Mar 20, 2013

I think subway is a very good place to eat. They serve well and provide good food choices. Subway is a place i'll recommend to people who like to eat more healthy.