Hot Woks Cool Sushi

5 Reviews

Tory Paez
Oct 15, 2016

Definitely not the best sushi I have had in Chicago, but it's convenient and fast service. It is definitely more of a splurge place, if you are paying out of your own pocket!

Brian Faulkner
Jul 17, 2016

It was an OK sushi place. Both of us ended up full for 30$ after tax and tip which is pretty good for sushi. Tasted good to us.

Tony Savchuk
Jun 15, 2016

Miso soup was cold. Tuna and salmon were probably couple days on display. On the party 5 they aded tips automatically to the bill.

Tyler Dawson
Jul 10, 2016

Just visiting Chicago for the first time and decided to stop in and get some sushi. Easily some of the best sushi I've ever had in my life, and great service too!

Maelia Moonstone
Mar 7, 2016

I love coming to this location! The lychee martini is so yummy! I usually come here for maki rolls. Alaskan is by far my favorite! I prefer coming here versus the Michigan Ave location. It's so calming and the workers here are so friendly and attentive! Definitely coming back and bringing friends.