Max's Take Out

5 Reviews

Allen Cotner
Oct 23, 2016

Since I was staying close, this was my stop for a Chicago hot dog. I wasn't let down. It was fast, cheap and awesome. I wanted to go have another dog, but didn't have enough time. I can't really compair it to any other hot dog places in the Windy City, but i was not disapointed with it.

Oct 19, 2016

The Best Chicago hotdog I've ever had! Conveniently close to the Art Institute of Chicago. Fill up your stomach after viewing magnificent artworks.

Cristian Hernandez
Sep 13, 2016

Great place to grab a bite when getting ready for a good meal. We stopped by and got thr food fast.. downside , there is no bathroom and no place to wash your hands (i know supposed to be take out, but sanitizer could work). Fries are a delight hotdog Chicago style and no ketchup please. Interesting they have tamales :)

Tisha Pink
Jul 6, 2016

The food taste depends on the time and day u go. Today I went the food was obviously left over. Warm fries and dry iltalian beef. I've been other times when the food was clearly fresh, and also when the food was not fresh, so it depends when u go I'm guessing. Won't take anymore chanced, I need consistent tasting food!

Chris Anderson
May 19, 2016

Great place for your Chicago standbys. Still my favorite place for a Chicago dog or double cheeseburger in the loop. Service is super fast if you get something simple like a hotdog. Been in and out during Lunch rush in less than 2 minutes. Like the name says it's primarily take out but there are a row of bar height seats on the long wall if you want to just get a quick lunch. Otherwise, do take out and eat in one of the Art Institutes gardens off Michigan Ave just a couple blocks away.