Mr Greek Gyros

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Randy Kim
Jul 3, 2016

This place has been the staple of my UIC college days, and I will check it out every now and then if I'm in the area. The gyros are still delicious as well as the fries, but I have been concerned about the anti-blackness with its employees and manager from the Yelp reviews I've read. This is something that I do not ever want to tolerate in any business establishment especially if they are making money off of the black community and showing little appreciation in return. I hope this changes quickly.

Pria Laser
Sep 26, 2016

I use to go to Mr. Greeks all the time when I attended Uic. The food use to be really good. It does not taste as good as it use to. I ordered a chicken philly and it was not well seasoned and they would not accomodate me for serving me a nasty dish. Next, to address the whole racism issue I often ask myself I am European. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and my parents are from Eastern Europe. I have never disrespected any person of another race or made jokes about them. All my friends are real diverse and down to earth. If you pay close attention, the white people that talk about other races they look rather mixed to me. Dark hair, brown eyes, and then you make ignorant comments and jokes because you have white skin. The whole racism in one word is just stupid. At the end of the day don't be shocked if we all have black in us. I love black people they are so strong! These individuals helped to make America great and they are disrespected it really needs to stop.

KBreezy DaRailFan
Sep 5, 2016

I am a chauffeur (Taxi limo uber) been so for 15 years and have eaten at very many fast food spots all over this city. I get ppl in my cab everyday especially tourists and they are always asking me to recommend a gud inexpensive place to eat and when I'm downtown town I used to recommend this place to alot of my customers. NOT ANYMORE! This will show that racism is very much so alive and well in this city. I just came back from Denver Co yesterday and i met a few guys from a few other cities that were looking for a quick bite not far from Union Station. So i of course recommended Mr.Greek. Long story short we go in and I explain to the Hispanic male behind the counter that I'm a cab driver just coming back into town and that these 2 gentleman were with me on the Amtrak train asking about good food and i brought them there. I didn't order because i was slated to have dinner a little later but they did. I suddenly had to use the rest room (pee only)and asked could i use the facilities. I was told NO ABSOLUTELY NOT ITS FOR PAYING CUSTOMERS ONLY! I said so nothing matters about the fact i just brought you out of town business or the fact that I'm an ambassador of this city and that i recommend this place to all my customers, he says "NO and please leave the store." I say "see this is why I'm moving out of this city because ppl here are very racist and rude. I did not once have that happen to me in Denver...even in the "HOOD" out there. I just don't like ppl like that and he proceeds to say " I don't like you either." I just said how dare you and took the other guy who was white and left the store. All the customers looked at him when he said it and shook their heads. I'm standing here with a suitcase and another bag but because I'm dressed a little hood but wearing a big $500 chain a limited edition pair of $200 Air Jordans a pair of basketball shorts and a Bulls Noah Jersey on i guess he thought i was some scammer or crack head or something????????????????????????. So i will tell you all this. Stay the hell out of that place especially with your kids because you don't want to teach them that this is how ppl are in Chicago or that treating ppl like animals but wanting their business and patronage is right because its not! I will never set foot in any restaurant that wants my money but doesn't allow me to use the restroom like a human being. I would be stupid if i went there or sent anyone else there. So don't go.

Jacob Waller
Oct 23, 2016

My favorite late night snack. Fairly cheap and very good!

Spencer MC Duffy
Oct 11, 2016

Great food. Late hours are a plus. Plenty of entertainment too.