Avanti Caffe

5 Reviews

Frank Santiago
May 19, 2016

Diavolo on foccacia is not only delicious, but one of the best bang-for-your-buck sandwiches I've yet to experience in the loop. Fast service with a smile too!

Mickey DeFilippo
Mar 25, 2016

I Love Avanti: I've been working in a building across the street from Avanti for two and a half years, and it's everything I would ever want in a downtown lunch spot. I go there at least once a week, and have had multiple weeks where I go every day. It has everything you need: delicious food, friendly service, large portions, good prices, and a great variety of options. If you're looking to stuff yourself, you can go with something like the Godfather, or any of their gigantic Italian subs (Roma is my favorite because Prosciutto is the greatest food on earth). But if you're looking to keep it lighter or healthier, they have great soups and salads as well. I usually get the lentil soup every Thursday and it's perfect. They have great non-meat options: eggplant parm is money, portabella panini is very solid, and the tuna salad sandwich is the best in its class. I always tell my coworkers to go to Avanti but nobody ever seems to listen for some reason - they end up going to the greasy, totally inferior spot across the street (I won't name names but you know where I'm talking about). It boggles my mind. I know this review is running long, but I could write a 5 paragraph high school-style essay about Avanti and probably get at least a B+. I haven't even talked about how their Italian Beef is the best in Chicago and will make you never want to go back to Portillo's or Al's. Or that they have breakfast sandwiches that will kick any hangover you throw at them. Or that their chicken parm tastes so good it would make Peyton Manning's head explode. I am starting a new job soon where I get free lunch every day, so people would probably think that I would have no reason to come back and pay money for lunch at Avanti. Wrong. I will continue to crush their delicious offerings for as long as I live in Chicago. My only suggestion: open up a location in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area so I can eat there on the weekends too. Oh yeah - they also blast Italian pop music in the background, which is a nice little touch.

Melody Rawley
Aug 9, 2016

My favorite, hands down, for a slice while in the Financial District. LOVE the gardinier pizza! Great salads, and deserts, too!

Paul Morgan
May 17, 2016

Almost every food choice is fantastic - pizza is always a great and cheap, sandwiches are well done and pasta high quality.

Chris Pfoutz
Jul 29, 2016

Carb lovers dream...great pasta and sandwiches, huge potions and low prices