Amarit Thai & Sushi

5 Reviews

Dane Hillard
Sep 7, 2016

I asked for an off-menu dish that I really love and they happily obliged! There was only one server working the busy restaurant but he kept up pretty well. My friend's sesame chicken wasn't great, but the (secret) khao soi is pretty decent.

Vlad Zaiets
Oct 18, 2016

Was introduced to Pad Thai in this place and fell in love ever since. Exceptionally affordable and tasty place to go!

Jasmine Washington
Jun 10, 2016

I went here to try out the food. Got to the door at 10:05pm. There were people inside dining. I was shewed away and a waitress said they closed at 10pm when clearly the sign on the door said 11pm.

Pat Lander
Sep 30, 2016

Ginger lime sole - delicious! Chicken in noodle soup was. A bit overcooked/dry. Crab regions great, but the best was sticky rice with mango for dessert.

Corey Becker
Oct 3, 2016

Food was great but it was a little pricey for the sushi. Seems to be $1-2 more than most other places of similar quality. Definitely recommend but probably won't supplant our regular place (Kai Sushi) due to the price.