Chinese Yum Yum

5 Reviews

Ken Lee
Oct 14, 2016

Long story short; delivery guy didn't deliver at time I requested, and was lost. Restaurant didn't care and won't give me my money back until 5 or 10 days later. This place sucks, don't order from them.

Sam Kang
Sep 4, 2016

When you are out of options at 4-6am this place is 5 stars, otherwise kinda average, hence 4 stars overall. Good orange chicken and mapo tofu, everything else I had was ok or forgettable.

Jason Stamps
Oct 6, 2016

Really good, quick lunch. The portion size of the Yum Yum boxes is ridiculous - easily a couple of lunches in one box for the average person.

Jared Klinefelter
Jun 6, 2016

This is our favorite chinese takeout in the west loop. It's very standard, good Chinese takeout, but I have yet to find a chinese takeout restaurant in the city that I have been willing to go back to. Nothing spectacular - just easy and consistently good.

Rohan Jain
Jun 29, 2016

Quite reasonable menu items. Very small seating space.